The Butchart Gardens – Flower And Garden Report For September 3, 2015

By Scott McDonald

Sep 04


What a difference a week makes! After one of the hottest and driest summers on record the temperatures dropped dramatically and the skies opened up providing us with an overabundance of rain – at one point we had close to one inch of rain fall in a one hour time period! I’m not quite sure whether we should be rejoicing or complaining, but I’ll stick with rejoicing as we truly needed the rainfall to replenish our water supplies and rejuvenate the landscape in and around the gardens.


Even with the heavy rain, the gardens continue to look phenomenal. Although plants such as petunias couldn’t withstand the deluge of rain, we are quickly replacing any tired looking plantings with colourful chrysanthemums to carry us into the fall. If you are wondering whether summer is over, I would have to say unequivocally that it is not – at least not in the garden. Although the intense heat is behind us, the gardens continue to provide us with all of the glory of the summer display and as an added bonus we are also offering a small foretaste of the beauty that lies ahead for us in the fall.

– Rick Los, director of horticulture


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