Spring Prelude 2017 at The Butchart Gardens

By Scott McDonald

Jan 29
Spring Prelude at The Butchart Gardens

by Rick Los, director of horticulture, The Butchart Gardens

There is nothing quite like experiencing the beauty of spring weeks before nature intended it to arrive – especially when you get to experience it in a climate controlled environment! Each year we challenge ourselves to improve this incredible garden display and we are confident that you will be more than impressed with what we anticipate will be our finest installation to date.

This year we have included some repurposed historical relics as our talented staff has implemented a few pieces from our cement producing days. As you enter the display there will be a curious new feature to greet you – a recycled feature that we found rusting in the woods (you never know what you’ll find when wandering in the forest!). Look closely and you will find other artifacts, but the theme I always like to direct our visitors to is the use of cement in many features – either ordinary or artistic. The gardens creators have consciously (and cleverly) used this material as it directly connects us to our industrial roots.

If you haven’t visited this display before you will notice that there are a few different themes ranging from tropical borders accented with orchids to a temperate area featuring an amazing range of plant material that we force into bloom. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what your garden desires may be.

It’s really very hard to begin to describe in detail the beauty of the display that our staff have created here; beauty that comes in waves and layers of colour, intoxicating fragrance and the refreshing sounds and movements of water. We encourage you to come out and experience for yourself this exquisite and intimate indoor garden display.

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