Meet Picasso, Butterfly Gardens New Blue Crown Conure

By UBC Botanical Garden | Garden News

Feb 02


Here at Victoria’s Butterfly Gardens, we have received several new donations over the last few month. Here is Picasso, a Blue Crown Conure, which is part of the parrot family. The blue-crowned conure is a native of South America, and its range extends from Columbia to Argentina. Its natural habitat includes savannahs, woodlands, and rain forests. The blue crown is between 15 and 16 inches in length from its head to its long, pointy tail – learn more about Blue Crown Conure’s here.

Check out our Gallery images to see more of our inhabitants in the Jungle. Most of our animals are either donated or rescued.

Also, a new year brings a new environmentally-friendly roof, redesigned gift shop and admissions area and best of all new donations.

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