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Canada’s National Garden Days 2018

June 16 - June 24

Canada's National Garden Days 2018

Canada’s National Garden Day will be celebrated on Saturday, June 16, 2018 and events will continue across Canada and in British Columbia to Sunday, June 24th.

There were tens of thousands of participants, dozens of gardens and close to 300 Canada’s National Garden Days activities registered across Canada in 2017 – from wacky to educational, fun to environmentally sustainable – they certainly provided loads of fun and interest for the garden and gardening loving public of all ages.

Activities ran the gamut from garden tours to private backyard events, school programs, how-to demonstrations, exceptional examples of volunteerism, a world debut of a flower-related fine art exhibit, flower and garden festivals, garden centre events, proclamations of ‘Garden Day’ in cities and towns across the country, a garden gnome hunt, horticultural society and garden club events and just about everything in between.

The Annual Celebration of Canada’s Garden Culture

Garden Days is Canada’s country-wide celebration of the vital role of gardens and gardening in our communities and in our lives. National Garden Day is Saturday, June 16, the opening day of Garden Days 2018.

This nine-day program of activities and events is for gardening enthusiasts, families, schools and tourists alike. Garden Days is an opportunity for Canadians to enjoy their own garden, visit or take part in their favourite garden experience, get inspired at their local garden centre or travel to a nearby destination to enjoy their favourite garden. Garden Days 2018 promised to be even more exciting!

Canada’s National Garden Days 2018 Activity Registration

Registration for 2018 is open and all Canadian and British Columbia gardens, garden centres, horticultural and plant societies, garden clubs, schools, garden-related businesses and communities are invited to organize Garden Days activities or events – between June 16 and 24 – to celebrate public gardens and home gardening.

We invite you to start planning your Canada’s National Garden Days 2018 activity and register it on the Garden Days site, at no charge. Looking for Garden Days Activity ideas for 2018? Last year’s activities are a terrific source of inspiration. Just click on the ‘Activity’ button where you’ll find hundreds of outstanding events and tons of wonderful ideas.

Have Your City Declare Its Own Official Garden Day

Wouldn’t it be great to have Official Garden Days in cities from coast to coast? We’ve made it really easy for this to happen. Learn more about how to declare your city’s own Garden Daydownload the proclamation template and make an appointment to present this at a council meeting, or visit your Mayor at City Hall to request a declaration in your home town.

Read what British Columbia’s Garden Days spokesperson, Brian Minter said about Garden Days in 2017.

Renseignements du Journées du jardin 2018 aussi disponible en francais.


Garden Days, a program of the Canadian Garden Council, is a joyful, country-wide celebration of the role of gardens in our communities and in our lives. The program’s objective is to draw attention to Canada’s garden culture, history and innovations and to underscore the importance of public and private gardens, the values of home gardening and the promotion of environmental stewardship. Gardens British Columbia is a sponsor of Garden Days and member of the Canadian Garden Council and Gardens Canada.

Funding and support for Canada’s National Garden Days 2018 has been graciously provided through the following organisations. Click here for a full list of Garden Days partners.

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