Butchart Gardens Named 2017 ‘World Tulip Garden’

By UBC Botanical Garden | Garden News

World Tulip Garden of the Year 2017

Victoria, B.C., . . . On Saturday, October 7, members of the World Tulip Summit Society (WTSS) gathered in Ottawa, to announce the recipients of the 2017 World Tulip Awards, including the coveted title of World Tulip Garden.

Gardens British Columbia is happy to announce the title of World Tulip Garden of the Year  (2017) has been awarded to one of our members, The Butchart Gardens, in recognition of their beautiful tulip display, in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

“We are honored to receive this award,” commented Dave Cowen, Butchart Gardens CEO. “To be recognized in such illustrious company is truly a privilege.”

The Butchart Gardens - Top Walk Tulips

World Tulip Awards are presented to organizations and individuals who have distinguished themselves in the development and promotion of tulips as part of their destination’s tourism appeal.  “Tulips are part of the culture of many countries.   Existing national tulip traditions and successful tulip initiatives can be adopted by attractions, events and festivals around the world thus providing new opportunities to share our cultures and strengthen friendships”, says Michel Gauthier, Chair of the World Tulip Summit Society.

In the spirit of highlighting the world’s most dynamic tulip experiences and their contribution to world friendship, WTSS is honored to announce the 2017 recipients of the World Tulip Awards.

World Tulip Garden of the Year 2017


World Tulip Festival of the Year: Tulip Time, Holland, USA
World’s TOP 5 Tulip Festivals Worth Travelling For:

  1. Floriade, Canberra, Australia
  2. Istanbul Tulip Festival, Turkey
  3. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, USA
  4. Srinagar Tulip Festival, Kashmir, India
  5. Taean Tulip Festival, South Korea

World Tulip Event of the Year: Bloememcorso Bollenstreek, Netherlands
World Tulip Display of the Year: Tonami Tulip Fair, Japan
World Tulip Garden of the Year: The Butchart Gardens, Canada
World Tulip Destination of the Year: Mainau Island, Germany
World Tulip Attraction of the Year: Jiangsu Dafeng Holland Flower Park, China
World Tulip Promotion of the Year: Canada 150 Tulip, Canada
World Tulip Game of the Year: Tulip Crush, Canada
World Tulip Product of the Year: Tulpi Chair, Netherlands
World Tulip Partner of the Year: Veseys, Canada
World Tulip Person of the Year: Mayor Osamu Natsuno, Tonami, Japan

Join us in congratulating The Butchart Gardens on their World Tulip Garden of the Year win. Gardens British Columbia would also like to congratulate all the awardees from around the world who were recognised at the 2017 World Tulip Summit.  This is particularly exciting coming on the heels of the ‘Canada 150 Garden Experience’ designations awarded to all 10 members of Gardens British Columbia this past winter at the Garden Tourism Conference, by the Canadian Garden Council.


The World Tulip Summit Society brings together the tulipists, tulip aficionados, connoisseurs, fans, devotees and tulip lovers of the world to celebrate and promote the positive influence this beautiful and unique flower, one of the world’s most beloved flowers, has had and continues to have worldwide, on all aspects of life as a symbol of international friendship, peace and spring.


  1. promote the tulip as a symbol of friendship, peace and of spring
  2. make use of the tulip as a means to promote international goodwill
  3. encourage and facilitate the celebration of the tulip
  4. promote the organization of tulip celebrations for the benefit of local residents and tourists
  5. pursue and facilitate the exchange of information and cooperation between  countries with regard to tulips

2017 World Tulip Garden of the Year